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Our twinned towns

The Medieval town of Valentano north of Rome, is beautifully situated on a mountainside overlooking the largest volcanic lake in Europe, and in common with Haltwhistle, has strong links with Roman history and culture.

The beautiful old town of St Meen le Grand in Brittany has been twinned with Haltwhistle for almost 20 years, and also has a similar history and culture.
Our Exchange visits

People from Haltwhistle and the surrounding area make visits to both twinned towns, and enjoy a fascinating programme of activities. The visits are reciprocated, with our French and Italian counterparts visiting our nearby historic sites like Vindolanda.


Why we embrace twinning
Twin towns help Haltwhistle residents experience new cultures and have closer links to similar places in Europe. The aim is for the two communities to share ideas and information about their respective challenges and opportunities, and in doing so, find new solutions to problems and develop closer ties of friendship.

It also enables our young people to get involved with their counterparts from a different country, and thereby gain more self-confidence, worldliness, tolerance and understanding. This can lead to a better understanding of what Europe is and means in today's world – and where the future may lead us.

Twinning brings people together, allowing citizens of the twinned towns to experience and explore each other's cultures.


St Meen le Grand 

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